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Goldshell LB Lite

Model Goldshell LB Lite from Goldshell mining algorithm LBRY with a maximum hashrate of 1.62Th for a power consumption of 1450w.

Period /Day /Month
Income $1.02 $30.60


$3.40 $102.00
Profitability -$2.38 -$71.40


Algorithm Efficiency Profit

1.62Th - 1450.0W

0.00J -$2.46


Mining pools for Goldshell LB Lite

Pool Start Mining
Mining Rig Rental
XmrPool Hub
Mining Pool Hub

Carbon Footprint

Estimating the carbon footprint from the cryptocurrency mining operations of the Goldshell LB Lite in a year, based on energy consumption and various energy sources

Energy Source Yearly Carbon Footprint (kgCO2e/year)
Wind 137
Nuclear 150
Hydroelectric 300
Geothermal 476
Solar 563
Biofuels 2,881
Gas 6,138
Coal 10,272
Data Source:

Warning: The numbers provided above are merely an estimate of the carbon footprint resulting from cryptocurrency mining. They are presented for informational purposes and should be seen as references only, not as an absolute exact figure. The actual carbon emissions can vary based on many different factors such as the approach, calculation methods, and specific parameters of each mining technology type. We recommend users to consider these figures as a small part of a larger environmental picture and the impact of cryptocurrency mining on it.